ZOVA an kidsを立ち上げた郡山文さんからのコメント





Mahajanga, Madagascar
DATE 2019/03/01

  〈SEMAMA is a school for people with disabilities, located in Antanimalandy, about 7 kilometers from the center of the city of Mahajanga.
  The school is offering special education for special kids with hearing, sight and other physical conditions, this together with just normal kids as the main reason to what the school stands for is “inclusion”. Zova has been for years partner with them to give a helping hand and offer the kids at the school the best the association
  This time it was the first time, the association decided to bring Cinema Project to the school. It was more of a challenge for the association because CINEMA is for the audio and visual experience and feelings. Still ZOVA in cooperation with SEMAMA did believe that the movies we use can also be presented to deaf kids. Many of our
movies are much more visual than audio. 〉

・date :2019 01 27
・place:Antanimalandy, SEMAMA “MAMPIATY”School
・number of members: 6 (Safidy, Ony, Stan, Tahiry, Joella, Carl)
・number of kids:36
・age of kids :4~16 years old
・films:「3 little pigs」「Grasshopper and the Ant」「Old Umbrella」
・time schedule:
  14:30 Arrival at the School, Meeting with the teachers for
   presentation of the schedule.
  15:00 Preparation of the room inside the Activity building
  15:15 Introduction of team and the activity, with the help with
   the teachers translating in sign language to the deaf
  15:30 – 16:45 Projection of 3 movies together with some
   explanation and Q&A sessions.
  16:45 – 17:15 Outside activity with games and competitions.
  17:15 Photo session and closing of the activities with the Kids
  17:30 Heading back to town

  This time, we experienced that it was important to spend much time talking to kids about the movie and what they understood from it as it was challenging in their condition. We are so thankful for the help that the teachers from the schools has provided, our member knew almost nothing about sign language so it was a really good opportunity for us to also learn something back. The exchange that took place was very warming in the heart.

  The kids followed throughout the different activities with great interest and it was not a bad experience at all to watch movies together with them. Only because of the timing we could not followed our original schedule to watch 5 short movies but only three and used the necessary time watching and re-watching the three movies all over.

• Cinthia, School kid at SEMAMA Non hearing Section
It is important to know and to think about the end in everything we do. Just like the and who was working hard to gather food before the cold came.
・impressions about activities: I love competition especially when I win in the end.

• Madame Nivo, Teacher at SEMAMA
“We teacher at SEMAMA are very happy for the partnership with ZOVA because since the association satrted visiting us, the kids were become more eager to attend school. Zova brought us different activities such as Dance, Origami, Drawing and now CINEMA. We noticed that the kids would not want to miss school because it is always a good surprise for them when ZOVA was coming for a visit.”